Funding Instructions

Congratulations on deciding to become a CIO. CIO stands for “Contracted Independent Organization.” You can also refer to a CIO as a student club or student organization, although not all student organizations are registered as CIOs. For information on how to apply for CIO status, visit the Student Council website.

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How to Use and Access Your Funding 


For all old and new CIOs please take note of the information at the bottom of this page.

Once you are awarded your funding, you have two options:

See text description at

Documentation Requirements

For every type of request you submit for an expense, you will be required to submit specific documentation to attach to the request. Here are different expense and request types matched with their documentation:

Request or Expense Type Documentation Required
Pay to Vendor

An invoice or written quote showing the expense and price

Pay to Online Vendor The Shopping Cart Form
Personal Car Usage CIO Mileage Form
Pay to UVA Department Quote or Invoice from the department with the price
Reimbursement Receipt, Paid Invoice, Bank Statement

While registering for CIO status you should also complete these steps:

  • Open a Bank Account for your CIO
  • Get a Supplier Number for your CIO

Choosing a Bank Account

When accessing your funding, if you choose to use the reimbursement option, we will need to be able to send money from UVA to either an individual or the CIO directly. This means that as an individual or as a CIO, you will need a bank account. If you set up a bank account and included it in your registration page, you can find it on your admin dashboard of Hoos Involved.
There are two banking options based on your preference. If your CIO decides on banking with a commercial bank, you will need to apply for a Tax ID Number (TIN) on Once you have a bank account, you will need to register as a supplier with UVA and you will be given a supplier number.

Every entity that is paid by the University must have a supplier number, unless you bank at Alumni Hall.

An alternative option instead of opening a commercial bank account is to bank with the Alumni Association. This option will not require your CIO to obtain your own TIN or Supplier number. Alumni Hall has its own TIN and its own Supplier number.

For more information about opening an Alumni Hall Account, visit the Alumni Hall website.

Pros & Cons

Commercial Bank
(Bank of America on the Corner or Wells Fargo)
Alumni Hall
  • Requires a $50-$100 deposit to open account.
  • No monthly fee with the Bank Fee Waiver Letter. Must Renew each year.
  • Must apply for a Tax ID Number with the IRS on
  • Must register with UVA to get a Supplier number.
  • Can access funds like any personal bank account.
  • Can be linked to money transfer apps like Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, and PayPal.
  • No deposit required.
  • Quarterly $5 fee.
  • No Tax ID Number required.
  • No Supplier number required to reimburse funds to an Alumni Hall account.
  • Can access funding by using a debit card linked to your CIO account.
  • Alumni Hall provides tax services.
  • Cannot be linked to money transfer apps.

Tax ID Number Request Instructions

Screenshot of the website

A Tax ID Number (TIN) is required for opening a commercial bank account. If you do not plan to open a commercial bank account and wish to open an Alumni Hall account, you do not need to apply for a Tax ID Number.

Below are the steps to request and acquire a Tax ID Number (TIN):

  1. Go to the IRS website and click "Apply Online Now."
  2. You will be asked, “What type of legal Structure is applying for an EIN?” Select “View additional Types,” then select the type that best describes your group. Most choose “Social or savings club.”
  3. Next, there are questions about the person filling out the form, and a SSN is required.

Once you have completed the form, you will get your TIN/EIN immediately. The whole process should take about 10 minutes.

Bank Fee Waiver Letter

Once you have your TIN, and are ready to open your bank account, you will need to request a Bank Fee Waiver Letter in Presence. This is something that needs to be renewed every year. The best time would be during the transition of club officers.

What is a Supplier Number?

Returning students, please read as the process has changed.

A supplier number carries all the information needed to receive a direct payment. Every party receiving payment needs a supplier number. This would include:

  • Individual students receiving reimbursement
  • CIOs receiving reimbursement
  • Outside companies providing goods or services
  • Individuals providing goods or services

*The requirement that individual students register is new this year.

It is recommended that either your CIO or a club officer, or both, go ahead and register as a UVA Supplier when you register your Student Organization so that you avoid delays later if you seek reimbursement.

Similarly, it is recommended that outside companies and individuals expecting to provide goods or services to Student Organizations also act ahead to register and acquire a supplier number to avoid delays in receiving payment.

Supplier Number Request Instructions

The diagram below shows the process for requesting and receiving a supplier number. Note that the UVA Supplier Department sends the invitation to the party wishing to register and ultimately awards the supplier number.

See description below image

Who Should Fill Out the Supplier Request Form?

  • Vendors: To begin the process to register a vendor you plan to pay for goods or services, you will need to do Step 1 in the instructions below. In the field that requests the email address, enter the email address of the company contact to whom UVA should send the registration instructions. The Vendor should then follow the instructions and complete the registration.
  • Organization Bank Account: To register a CIO or student organization that uses a commercial bank account, CIOs should create a unique email address for their organization. Then, a member familiar with the required organization information should complete the registration and use the organization's email address to request the registration instructions. They will need the Tax ID Number of the CIO or student organization.
  • Organization Individual Members: To register an individual student, the student should use their own email address when filling out the supplier number request form and additional registration steps.

How to Submit the Supplier Request Form

  1. Fill out the Supplier Request Form.
  2. Upon receiving the Supplier Request Form, VPSA Finance will look for an existing registration, if one exists, we will provide you with your supplier number. If a supplier number does not exist, we will work with UVA's supplier department to provide you with a supplier number. Each supplier number must be associated with a unique email address. There can be only one registration per email address. Please provide the email address for the person or organization you wish to register. Note that the invitation to register will be sent to that email address. If your CIO has set up an email address and included it in your registration page, you can find it on your admin dashboard of Hoos Involved.
  3. UVA's supplier department uses a platform called PaymentWorks to register you with a supplier number. Look out for an email from PaymentWorks to continue your registration process.
  4. When you receive an email from PaymentWorks, follow the directions provided to continue your registration. Be sure to use the same email address throughout the entire registration process.
  5. For help with creating your account in PaymentWorks, please see the Individual Payee Registration Process PDF Guide.
  6. Note: Reimbursement payments can be made to you by ACH (direct deposit) or Check.
    • ACH: This is the best option to receive reimbursements. We recommend ACH (direct deposit) reimbursements because they are paperless and convenient. Your reimbursement will go straight to your bank account.
    • Check Reimbursement: This option for reimbursement involves mailing you a reimbursement check. Your check will be sent to the remittance address you provided on your PaymentWorks Account.
  7. UVA's Supplier Department will review the submission. Once approved, you can view your supplier number by following these instructions:
    1. Log into your PaymentWorks account
    2. Click on the "Company Profile" link in the top-right corner of your screen
    3. Click on "Remittance Address"
    4. Click on the "Related Customers" link
    5. Your supplier number is the same as your vendor number. (Example: SPL-XXXXX)

Be sure to store the supplier number in a safe and easily accessible place so it is available to submit with payment requests. No reimbursements may be processed without a supplier number.

The following steps are essential to all students and organizations

To update your information: 

Access your Payment Works account by logging in. If you are unable to log in or need access, please complete the Supplier Number Request Form.

To Update your banking information:

Log into Payment Works > Go to the company profile section >Click on bank accounts. >Click edit next to your banking details. > Verify the details, then click Save.

To Update the address associated with your CIO or your address if this is an individual account: 

Navigate to Company Profile > Update address information

To Change the default payment method to direct deposit (ACH):

Log into Payment Works> Click connect > Under Customer Registrations, click University of Virginia > update payment method.