Funding Instructions

Congratulations on receiving your fund allocation.

UVA requires that we issue your payment in response to your Payment Request. The following instructions are intended to make that as easy as possible. If you need assistance at any time, please email [email protected].

What You'll Need to Request a Payment

To request a payment, you'll need either a UVA Vendor Registration Number (Supplier Number) or an Account Number at Alumni Hall.

  • If your organization already has a supplier number or Alumni Hall Account, great! You're all set to request a payment. Head directly to the Payment Request Form.
  • If you have a Supplier Number but need updates, like contact or payment info, go straight to Updating an Existing Vendor/Supplier Registration below and then Payment Request Form.
  • If you don’t have either a vendor registration or alumni hall account number, but already have an organization bank account number, it is likely easiest for you to register as a vendor. Go to Register as a Vendor, then Payment Request Form.
  • If your organization has no vendor registration number, Alumni Hall account, or commercial bank account, please proceed to the sections below to help you (i) choose an account type; (ii) go to the links for the steps to set up the account you choose, (iii) register as a vendor if necessary, and finally (iv) go the payment request form. See My organization has no account either at Alumni Hall or at a commercial bank below.

My organization has no account either at Alumni Hall or at a commercial bank

When accessing your funding and selecting the reimbursement option, it's essential to facilitate money transfers from UVA. Here's the scoop: For student organizations, it's required to establish a dedicated student organization-specific bank account.

There are two banking options for student organizations based on your preference:  

  • an Alumni Hall account
  • a commercial bank account

Pros & Cons

Commercial Bank
(Bank of America on the Corner or Wells Fargo)
Alumni Hall
  • Requires a $50-$100 deposit to open account.
  • Must apply for a Tax ID Number with the IRS on
  • Must register with UVA to get a Supplier number.
  • Can access funds like any personal bank account.
  • Can be linked to money transfer apps like Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, and PayPal.
  • No deposit required.
  • Quarterly $5 fee.
  • No Tax ID Number required.
  • No Supplier number required to reimburse funds to an Alumni Hall account.
  • Can access funding by using a debit card linked to your student org account.
  • Alumni Hall provides tax services.
  • Cannot be linked to money transfer apps.

For more information about opening an Alumni Hall Account, visit the Alumni Hall website. When you open an Alumni Hall Account, you are ready to receive funds. Please proceed to Payment Request Form.

If you're an individual, ensure you have a personal bank account ready.

For more information on opening a bank account specifically designed for student organizations, please refer to the following:

Tax ID Number Request Instructions

Screenshot of the website

A Tax ID Number (TIN) is required for opening a commercial bank account.

Once you have completed the form, you will get your organization's TIN/EIN immediately. The whole process should take about 10 minutes.

Below are the steps to request and acquire a Tax ID Number (TIN):

  1. Go to the IRS website and click "Apply Online Now."
  2. You will be asked, “What type of legal Structure is applying for an EIN?” Select “View additional Types,” then select the type that best describes your group. Most choose “Social or savings club.”
  3. Next, there are questions about the person, and the SSN is required for the person who is filling out the form.

Bank Fee Waiver Letter

Once you have your TIN, and are ready to open your bank account, you will need to request a Bank Fee Waiver Letter in Presence. This is something that needs to be renewed every year. The best time would be during the transition of club officers.

Updating an Existing Vendor/Supplier Registration

Your organization’s UVA Vendor Registration is linked to the specific name, physical address, email address, and bank account that was provided at the time of registration. Each time that information changes your organization must update its UVA Vendor Registration.

To update your information:

Access your Payment Works account by logging in. If you are unable to log in or need access, please complete the Supplier Number Request Form.

To update your banking information:

Log into Payment Works > Go to the company profile section >Click on bank accounts. >Click edit next to your banking details. > Verify the details, then click Save.

To update the address associated with your student organization or your address if this is an individual account: 

Navigate to Company Profile > Update address information

To change the default payment method to direct deposit (ACH):

Log into Payment Works > Click connect > Under Customer Registrations, click University of Virginia > update payment method.

Supplier/Vendor Number Request Form

Once you have your bank account number, you are ready to request a Supplier Number. A Supplier Number, or vendor number, is a unique identification code assigned to a specific supplier or vendor by the UVA. This alphanumeric code is used for tracking and managing transactions with that particular supplier. It helps streamline the procurement and payment processes, allowing for efficient communication and record-keeping.

Supplier Number Request Instructions

The diagram below shows the process for requesting and receiving a supplier number. Note that the UVA Supplier Department sends the invitation to the party wishing to register and ultimately awards the supplier number.

See text description below image

Who Should Fill Out the Supplier Request Form?

  • Organization with a commercial bank account: To register a student organization with a commercial bank account, establish a unique "full-service" email address dedicated to the organization, capable of sending and receiving communications. Using the organization's designated email address, proceed to request the registration instructions, ensuring to include the Tax ID Number of the student organization during this request. This streamlined process ensures a smooth and efficient registration for entities utilizing a commercial bank account.
  • Individual Members: In certain exceptional circumstances, individual students must register as vendors. If you believe that pertains to you, use your personal email address and provide your personal bank account information while completing the supplier number request form.
  • Vendors: If the vendor you intend to pay for goods or services is not registered with UVA, then you (either the student or the student organization's representative) must submit the Supplier Request Form following the instructions below. To proceed, gather the vendor's email address and title. Once the Supplier Registration form is submitted, the vendor will receive an invitation email containing all the necessary instructions at the email address provided during the registration process.

How to Submit the Supplier Request Form

  1. Fill out the Supplier Request Form.
  2. Upon receiving the Supplier Request Form, Student Engagement will initiate the supplier registration process. Each supplier number must be associated with a unique email address. There can be only one registration per email address. Please provide the email address for the person or organization you wish to register. Note that the invitation to register will be sent to that email address.
  3. UVA's supplier department uses a platform called PaymentWorks to register you with a supplier number. Look out for an email from PaymentWorks to continue your registration process. If you haven't received an invitation email within a week, please reach out to Student Engagement at [email protected] or VPSA Finance at [email protected] for additional assistance.
  4. When you receive an email from PaymentWorks, follow the directions provided to continue your registration. Be sure to use the same email address throughout the entire registration process.
  5. For help with creating your account in PaymentWorks, please see the Individual Payee Registration Process PDF Guide.
  6. Note: Reimbursement payments can be made to you by ACH (direct deposit – strongly recommended) or check (not recommended).
    • ACH: This is the best option to receive reimbursements. We recommend ACH (direct deposit). Because direct deposit (electronic transfer via ACH) is a more reliable and fast way of receiving money. You must select ACH (direct deposit) as your default payment method.
    • Check Reimbursement: This option for reimbursement involves mailing you a reimbursement check. Your check will be sent to the remittance address you provided on your PaymentWorks Account (not recommended).
  7. UVA's Supplier Department will review the submission. Once approved, you can view your supplier number by following these instructions:
    1. Log into your PaymentWorks account
    2. Click on the "Company Profile" link in the top-right corner of your screen
    3. Click on "Remittance Address"
    4. Click on the "Related Customers" link
    5. Your supplier number is the same as your vendor number. (Example: SPL-XXXXX)

Be sure to store the supplier number in a safe and easily accessible place so it is available to submit with payment requests.

Payment Request Form

Please ensure that you have selected your preferred method of requesting funds before clicking on the Payment Request Form button below.

  1. Reimbursement - if you have already spent money and need a refund. You will need to provide proof of payment in this case. 
  2. Pay to Vendor - if you want us to pay a vendor directly. You'll need to provide the invoice or quote and the vendor's supplier number. 
  3. Payment to Online Vendor - if you want to purchase online. You need to fill in the Word form with all the details of your purchase, and we will complete the order (e.g., 
  4. UVA Department payment - if you must pay another UVA department. 

Documentation Requirements

For every type of request you submit for an expense, you will be required to submit specific documentation to attach to the request. Here are different expense and request types matched with their documentation:

Request or Expense Type Documentation Required
Pay to Vendor An invoice or written quote showing the expense, price, vendor’s contact information, and date
Pay to Online Vendor From within the Payment Request Form, you will be asked to fill out a Shopping Cart Form, which lists each item you wish to purchase
Personal Car Usage If you are requesting a reimbursement for gas, you can either submit a receipt for the amount of gas purchased, or, from within the Payment Request Form, you can fill out the Student Organization Mileage Form, which lets you calculate an allowed cost of gas based on the miles you drove
Pay to UVA Department The department name, contact information, the department FDM string, the transaction number (Expense Report/Supplier Invoice number), and documentation of expense
Reimbursement Some proof of purchase, which is typically a receipt but could also be a paid invoice or bank statement showing the amount was paid

You are now ready to complete the Payment Request Form to access your funding.

Payment Request Form