Special Considerations and Restrictions

Please bear in mind these special considerations and restrictions when planning to apply for funding. The office of the VP&CSAO will not be responsible for expenses incurred that fall outside the restrictions and limitations outlined herein.

Internal Service Providers

While we do not require students to use internal service providers, we like to draw attention to the distinct advantages these vendors offer when spending against VP&CSAO program funding.

Internal vendors can charge our internal account directly, eliminating out-of-pocket expenses for the funding recipient. This process also reduces paperwork for the funding recipient and VP&CSAO. Last, but not least, because of their location and focus on service to the University community, they are uniquely suited to meet student programming needs.

Commonly-used internal service providers:

In cases when internal providers bill VP&CSAO directly, the funding recipient must submit to VP&CSAO an original receipt for the service.

UVA Students, Faculty, and Staff

As a general rule, if a student group invites UVA students, faculty, or staff to participate in or help with an event (e.g., as a speaker, a photographer, videographer, DJ, etc.), those individuals are expected to offer their services gratis, as a service. The office of the VP&CSAO generally does not provide funds to pay UVA students, faculty, or staff for involvement in a student program.

Hiring External Services

If hiring external vendors to provide services other than catering (e.g., DJ, training, etc.), VP&CSAO must pay the vendor directly. We cannot do third-party reimbursements. If the vendor has never previously done business with the University, then the vendor must complete an online Vendor Registration form in order to be paid.

Food and Beverages

The office of the VP&CSAO can reimburse for catering or for purchase of food supplies. The office of VP&CSAO also can pay caterers directly. All payments for catering that are made directly to vendors must be made through the University's online catering payment system, America To Go. In order for VP&CSAO to pay for catering directly to the vendor, the caterer must be participating in America To Go. If the caterer is not participating, we can provide funding as a reimbursement.

State Spending and Tax Limits

The State of Virginia establishes per-person spending limits for meals, based on geographic area. Meal limits are inclusive, meaning the total includes tax and tip. If your event costs exceed the per-person limit, your organization will have to find alternative funding for the overages. Meal limits in Charlottesville and Albemarle County are: Breakfast - $16.00; Lunch - $17.00; and Dinner - $31.00. These limits apply equally to catering, restaurant meals, and food supplies.

Speakers and Performers

VP&CSAO funding may pay honoraria and travel costs for speakers or performers, up to state limits. Since an honorarium is offered as a token of thanks to the payee for sharing their scholarship or art, no invoice or contract is required. VP&CSAO must pay honoraria directly to lecturers or performers; we cannot do third-party reimbursements. The University requires that the payee complete and sign an online Vendor Registration form for payment to be made. In order to initiate payment of an honorarium, the student group must submit a VP&CSAO Payment Request form for payment to the speaker (considered to be the vendor, in such cases).


Applications for events which involve a contracted speaker or performer must include a copy of the proposed contract.

A word of caution when scheduling a speaker or performer on a fee-for-service basis. In these cases, a good written contract will outline the specific expectations of both parties and provide a measure against which both parties can be held accountable (e.g., performer is late or does not show; student group does not provide agreed-upon sound system or fails to pay).

Because a contract is a legally binding document holding both parties accountable for fulfilling specific terms, we recommend that student groups enter into contracts only after careful consideration and review by independent legal counsel. The office of VP&CSAO does not review or approve contracts between student groups and outside vendors.

VP&CSAO must pay speaker or performance fees directly to the speaker or performer; we cannot do third-party reimbursements. The University requires that the payee submit an invoice and complete an online Vendor Registration form for payment to be made.


VP&CSAO program funding is rarely provided to a program that includes travel for the student group, though there are occasional exceptions. However, VP&CSAO frequently helps with travel expenses for speakers coming to Grounds. VP&CSAO may pay approved travel expenses on a reimbursement basis only. In the unlikely event that an application including travel is funded, the office of the VP&CSAO will explain the necessary forms for reimbursement.

If the individual is not affiliated with UVA (student, faculty, or staff), then he or she also will need to complete and sign an online Vendor Registration form.

State Spending Limits

The State of Virginia establishes per-person spending limits for lodging and meals, based on geographic area. Be certain of the limits for your destination, because VP&CSAO cannot pay for expenses above these limits.

Meal limits are inclusive, meaning the total includes tax and tip. Lodging limits are exclusive, meaning the limit only applies to the per-night rate, and taxes may be charged above the limit.

Personal Vehicle Miles

Mileage may be approved for reimbursement in some cases at the standard state rate.

Auto Rental

Auto rental may occasionally be approved on a reimbursement basis only, and should be reported on the Travel Reimbursement Request form.

Unfundable Items

We do not fund:

  • Alcohol (remember, we cannot fund events at which alcohol is served!)
  • Awards (including plaques, certificates, or any material award/gift)
  • Flowers (neither as gifts, awards, nor decoration)
  • Gifts (including retail gift cards or gift certificates)
  • T-shirts
  • Operating expenses that are not event-specific