At their best, rules and regulations reflect a community's values. At UVA, we take pride in our longstanding (and ever-evolving) traditions, including the time-honored Honor System. Take a look below at key policies that shape daily life at the University.

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Student Rights and Responsibilities

Scholars thrive in an environment that supports freedoms: of inquiry, thought, and expression. We're committed to protecting these rights by supporting a safe, inclusive environment for living and learning. Students are, in turn, expected to contribute to a positive culture at UVA by conducting themselves in accordance with a high standard. Together, we share the responsibility of bringing out the best in our community.

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The Honor System

To many, "UVA" is synonymous with "The Honor Code." The rules of this system are simple yet impactful: students pledge never to lie, cheat, or steal. Upheld by members of our community – committee representatives elected from every school, trained support officers who staff cases, and administrators and professors who report offenses – what results is an academic and social environment bound by a Community of Trust.

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Standards of Conduct

Overseen by the University Judiciary Committee and adopted by the Board of Visitors, the Standards of Conduct describe generally prohibited student behavior subject to discipline. Each standard contains its own internal jurisdiction. The current version of this policy is available in English, Spanish, and simplified Chinese, with additional translations available upon request.

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The Record

Both the Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record are published online annually by the Office of the University Registrar. These publications aggregate information on rules and regulations, procedures, services, and other information relevant to students at UVA.

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Memorial to Enslaved Laborers

Free Speech

UVA is a community that respects and upholds ideals of freedom of inquiry, thought, and expression. As such, we are committed to supporting the exercise of constitutionally protected expression in University-controlled facilities and property while maintaining a safe atmosphere free from disruption. You may report an incident of disruption online or by phone.

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Policy Directory

Looking for specific policy? Conduct a search based on key identifiers and category, or reach out for additional help. University policies enable faculty, staff and students to teach, do research, perform a job, and study within the framework of local, state, federal, and University regulations.

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Student Affairs Social Media Policy

Social media accounts follow the social media rules and regulations laid out by the Commonwealth of Virginia. Review the state’s Use of Electronic Communications and Social Media policy and abide by the University social media brand guidelines.

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