Reports & Data

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Annual Fire Safety and Security Report

The safety and well-being of our University community are among our highest priorities at the University of Virginia. We are committed to assisting all members of our community in providing for their own safety and security. The University of Virginia publishes an Annual Fire Safety and Security Report in an effort to foster a safe and informed community.

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University Judiciary Committee Statistics

The University Judiciary Committee is the student-run judicial body of the University of Virginia and is authorized to investigate and adjudicate alleged violations of the University’s Standards of Conduct. Each semester the Committee publishes a statistical report describing its adjudicated cases.

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Honor Committee Statistics

The Honor System has been a defining dimension of life at the University for more than 175 years. Under the Honor System, University students have pledged to adhere to a common baseline of honorable behavior; that is, not to lie, cheat, or steal. The student-run Honor Committee is responsible for the overall administration of the Honor System and publishes statistics describing case reports, investigations, and adjudications among other data points.

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Hazing Misconduct Report

Pursuant to Virginia Code Section 23.1-822, the University provides a report of past hazing misconduct involving student organizations. The report includes the name of the student organization, the dates (if known) of the hazing behavior, the date such behavior was reported to the University, the dates of investigation and when the organization was found responsible, and a description of the findings. Reports of hazing that did not result in a finding of responsibility are not included. The University will update this information at least ten calendar days prior to the start of each fall and spring semester, and will maintain the information for ten years following the date of initial disclosure.

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Suspended and Terminated Student Organizations

The University may suspend or terminate a student organization’s operating agreement for violations of the University’s Standards of Conduct. Suspensions also may be issued while an organization is under investigation. A termination may be issued by the University with or without cause, including in cases of serious misconduct.

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