Suspended or Terminated Student Organizations

Updated April 8, 2024 

Suspended Student Organizations 

The Policy, Accountability, and Critical Events (PACE) unit within the Division of Student Affairs may temporarily suspend a student organization when necessary to protect student health or safety while investigating an alleged violation of the University’s Standards of Conduct. During this period of suspension, the organization agrees to cease all operations including, but not limited to, recruitment or intake activities, meetings, philanthropy or service events, and social functions. 

The following student organizations are currently suspended: 




Kappa Sigma Fraternity 

February 21, 2024 

Hazing Investigation

Theta Chi Fraternity 

March 22, 2024 

Hazing Investigation

Sigma Alpha Mu 

April 5, 2024 

Hazing Investigation

Pi Kappa Alpha

April 8, 2024 

Hazing Investigation

Terminated Student Organizations 

According to the terms of student organization operating agreements, the University of Virginia may terminate its relationship with an organization with or without cause. The following student organizations once had an active operating agreement with the University but lost that agreement for serious violation(s) of the University’s Standards of Conduct. Despite termination for disciplinary reasons, some of these groups continue to operate independently of the University (i.e., “underground”). Terminated organizations do not receive any resources, support, or advising from the University, nor may they participate in any University-sponsored activities or utilize any property owned, operated, leased, or managed by the University of Virginia. The University no longer has a relationship with these organizations.

We strongly urge students and parents to carefully consider the safety risks of potential involvement in any terminated organization that may continue to operate.





Kappa Alpha Order - Fraternity 

June 1, 2022 

Kappa Alpha Order engaged in numerous hazing behaviors towards pledges including forced consumption of dog and cat food, exclusion from using restrooms located inside the chapter house, and physical abuse (being hit) with coat hangers on Bid Day. 

The organization may not pursue re-establishment for a period of four years following the last date of operation (including any “underground” operation). 

Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) - Fraternity 

April 19, 2022 

Phi Gamma Delta participated in various hazing activities including throwing an egg at a new member’s eye which resulted in permanent physical injury. 

The organization may not pursue re-establishment for a period of four years following the last date of operation (including any “underground” operation).

The University is aware that a group known as Club 128 continues to operate at the address of the former FIJI house. Club 128 is not condoned by, supported, or in relationship with the University.