Hazing Misconduct Report

Pursuant to Virginia Code Section 23.1-822, the University provides a report of past hazing misconduct involving student organizations. The information below includes the name of the student organization, the dates (if known) of the hazing behavior, the date such behavior was reported to the University, the dates of investigation and when the organization was found responsible, and a description of the findings. Reports of hazing that did not result in a finding of responsibility are not included. The University will update this information at least ten calendar days prior to the start of each fall and spring semester, and will maintain the information for ten years following the date of initial disclosure.

Name of Student Organization

Date(s) of Hazing Misconduct

Date Reported

Dates of Investigation

Date Organization was Found Responsible

Description of Incident (charges, findings, and sanctions)

Kappa Alpha 2/5/2022 - 5/1/2022 5/1/22 5/3/22 - 5/24/22 6/1/22 Following an investigation, the University found Kappa Alpha responsible for hazing based upon the following behaviors:
• New members were required to carry specific items at all times during the pledging process including cigarettes, lighters, condoms, beef jerky, chewing tobacco, and Zyns (smokeless nicotine pouches).
• Brothers offered new members unusual and/or inedible items to eat, some of which were consumed by new members.
• New members were not allowed to use the bathroom or furniture in the chapter house.
• New members were responsible for cleaning the house in the spring of their pledge process and subsequent fall semester. They were expected to set up before a party and clean up afterwards, and in the absence of a party were expected to clean the house weekly. 
• New members participated in a “case race” during which they were instructed to consume a 30-pack of beer in small groups. 
• New members participated in an activity called a “cig line-up" during which they were confined in a bathroom together and instructed to smoke all the cigarettes in their pledge packs. 
• On five or six occasions, hot sauce was placed on new members’ necks and backs.
• During initiation, new members were sprayed with water from a hose and had flour thrown at them such that it stuck to their bodies. New members were also hit with coat hangers.
• Some brothers of KA referred to new members as “goats” when they were in a group together.
• New members were asked to drive brothers to various locations around Charlottesville and/or pick up or buy food or beverages for current members of KA.
• New members were required to do pushups and wall-sits as part of line-ups.
As a result of these findings, the chapter’s operating agreement with the University was terminated. The chapter’s national organization may petition to re-colonize at the University after four years. 
Theta Tau (CIO) 4/1/22 4/1/22 4/11/2022 - 4/27/2022 6/1/22 An investigation determined that the chapter required its new members to perform favors such as picking up food or coffee, attending a brother's intramural game, following/liking content on social media, and swiping a brother into a dining hall. Failure of new members to satisfactorily complete these favors resulted in punishments. These punishments included receiving a derogatory nickname and collecting signatures in a public setting for a fake petition. As a result of these findings, the chapter will be referred to the University Judiciary Committee for adjudication. The trial will be held in Fall 2022.
Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) 2/15/22 2/21/2022; 2/23/2022 3/3/22 - 3/31/22 4/19/22 Following an investigation, the University found Phi Gamma Delta responsible for hazing based upon the following behaviors:
• After receiving instructions to arrive at the chapter house at precisely 10:28 pm, the new members were asked to blindfold themselves before entering the house. 
• After being led into the house basement, the new members removed their blindfolds and were instructed to consume food items placed in crates. The crates contained various combinations of milk, bananas, sprite, mayonnaise, and broccoli. The teams were to race one another in consuming the food items. During the activity, one new member was observed vomiting.
• The pledge educator instructed the new members to put on blindfolds and engage in “wall-sits” against the basement wall.
• While the new members engaged in wall-sits, several FIJI brothers began throwing eggs against the ceiling and walls around the blindfolded new members. The basement was dark with loud music playing. One pledge was struck in the eye by an egg. 
• Multiple witnesses confirm that the victim was in pain and asked to go to the hospital. No effort was made to call 911 or secure immediate medical assistance. As a result of these findings, the chapter's operating agreement with the University was terminated. The chapter's national organization may petition to re-colonize at the University after four years. Five students were referred to the University Judiciary Committee for adjudication. 
Phi Kappa Psi 2/10/22 2/13/22 2/14/2022 - 3/1/2022 3/2/22 During a bid party on February 10, 2022, new members were instructed to wear white clothing while brothers wore black. There is some suggestion that the white shirts were intended to be marked upon by brothers. While these findings suggest only one incidence of low-level hazing behavior, the Investigators expressed serious concern regarding the veracity of new member statements. They did not believe new members were fully truthful, transparent, or forthright in the investigative process. Investigators based this concern on the multitude of inconsistencies in statements provided by new members and the chapter President that go beyond what a reasonable person would consider to be normal variances in memory or experience of a shared event. Upon this finding of responsibility, the chapter's sanctions included: abbreviated 10-day new member education period as outlined by the chapter's national organization; an approved mandatory hazing prevention program for all members of the chapter.
Delta Delta Delta 2/4/22 2/4/22 2/8/2022 - 3/7/2022 4/12/22 During an investigation into reports of potential hazing behavior, Tri-Delta Sorority acknowledged hazing associated with events attended by their new members. The sorority held an event on February 4, 2022, known as “The Scare” which featured a mixer with St. Elmo fraternity where pledge class members attended and alcohol was provided. The event was intended for pledges to get to know current members. During the event, the pledges were required to watch a presentation that included information about current members. During the slideshow, a Tri Delta sister ran into the room and said someone in the pledge class had reported them for an alcohol violation. She then announced she was going to take a picture of the pledge class, and that someone needed to disclose who had reported them. After time passed the Tri Delta sister returned to the room to explain the situation was a joke. The event’s purpose was to scare the pledges. Following the investigation's finding, the case was referred to the University Judiciary Committee for formal adjudication. The trial will occur in Fall 2022.