About Student Affairs

In Student Affairs, we are dedicated to making your UVA experience the best it can be. We know there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to academic and personal development because there is no "one-sized" UVA student. We seek to be attentive to your needs, receptive to your feedback, and quick to pivot when proposed solutions fall short. Recognizing the reverberating impact of your education on your personal and professional journey, we are determined to honor your time and trust by serving you well.

Our Mission

We are guided by a three-pronged mission: to help students build community, pursue wellness, and grow as citizen-leaders. We help students develop in these three essential areas by upholding policies and resources that:

  • Foster a University environment that promotes students' intellectual inquiry and responsible decision-making.
  • Support students as they clarify personal values, develop personal identity, build sound interpersonal relationships, and explore career directions.
  • Promote diversity, cultural richness, and full participation of all students in the University community.
  • Respond to students' changing needs at varying stages of intellectual, social, personal, and career development.
  • Attend to students impacted by a unique status, including minority, disability, health, financial resources, and nontraditional, among others.
  • Equip students to be informed and active citizens within our society.

Our Team

The Division of Student Affairs consists of over 300 employees across five offices:

Our Offices and Programs

While each office specializes in a specific aspect of the student experience, we are united in our relational, inclusive, and flexible approach to service.