The Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer annually appoints members to a number of committees that address a broad range of student life issues:

Judicial Review Board

The purpose of the University Judicial Review Board (the "JRB") is to ensure fairness in student disciplinary proceedings consistent with due process of law. Specifically, the JRB is the University Committee charged with reviewing: 1) Appealed decisions of the University Judiciary Committee (the "UJC") when acting within its original jurisdiction, 2) Decisions of the UJC referred for review by the Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer, and 3) Appealed decisions of other University bodies if an appeal to the JRB is incorporated within their operating procedures.

Lawn Selection Process Organizing Committee

This group is charged with recruiting membership of a broad-based selection committee; reviewing application materials and the selection timeline and revising where needed; announcing the required grade point average, other criteria, and the selection procedure in accordance with guidelines provided by the University Housing Committee; and training the Selection Committee on the criteria and process of selection.

Student Activities Committee

This committee is charged with the authority and responsibility for supervision of the Student Activity Fund (SAF). The duties and responsibilities of the Student Activities Committee are described in the Board of Visitors Guidelines for the SAF and in the committee’s bylaws.

UVA Coalition on Eating Disorders and Exercise

This coalition considers effective ways to support short- and long-term programs that help improve UVA students’ health and well-being in relation to eating disorders and body image issues, as well as help improve the response and intervention guidelines among faculty, staff and students. The committee strives to be proactive in identifying these key issues and ensuring that sufficient resources are being dedicated to address such issues.

SCHEV Student Advisory Committee

Join the SCHEV Student Advisory Committee and be the voice of Virginia's college students! This committee consists of one full-time student from all four-year public colleges and universities in Virginia, four students representing the Virginia Community College System, and two students from private institutions. As a committee member, you'll meet at least twice annually to advise the State Council of Higher Education on important issues affecting students statewide.

Time Commitment: The committee meets at least twice a year, and members serve for one-year terms, with the possibility of reappointment for subsequent terms. Meetings typically last for a day or two, with additional time required for preparation and follow-up. This is a great opportunity to make a meaningful impact on higher education in Virginia while developing leadership skills and networking with fellow students and education leaders. Applications occur annually in April for the following academic year.

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