Application Process

Complete an online application. It should demonstrate that you have planned and budgeted appropriately. Remember that the relative merit of the event and your ability to successfully bring it to fruition will be judged to some extent by the care and preparation reflected in your application form.

The Budget

  • The budget should present all expected income and expenses for your program or event, including other offices or organizations to which you have applied for funding. Learn more about budgets.
  • We generally grant funds for specific line items. After the funding award is made, we work with you and can often be flexible on the items we cover, but sometimes our hands are tied depending on the amount of money, the type of commodities or services purchased, and other variables.
  • We cannot make grants or disburse funds if there will be a net profit to the CIO. We may help cover expenses of a fundraiser only if all funds raised will benefit external 501(c)3 charitable organizations – there can be no net profit for the student group.

Supplemental Materials

You are welcome to submit supplemental materials to help us evaluate the program or event, for example:

  • A brief description of your organization, its history, and purpose. This may be particularly useful for newer organizations.
  • A schedule or printed program
  • Examples of publicity materials
  • Brief bio of invited speakers, entertainers, etc.

Submission Deadline

Application forms are accepted on a rolling basis, with no deadline. We appreciate as much advance notice as possible – preferably at least two weeks – but depending on the circumstances, we maintain the flexibility to assist with last-minute requests.

Review Process

We may contact you with questions about the event or your organization. We consider a wide range of criteria when evaluating applications.

Notification of Decision

We usually respond with our decision within two weeks of receiving an application.

Required Meeting with VP&CSAO

Successful applicants are asked to make an appointment to meet with a designated member of the VP&CSAO office before their event to discuss the budget and disbursement process. These meetings usually take less than 15 minutes, but they are very important to ensure we are able to successfully disburse the funds.

If the applicant is unable to meet for any reason before the event, the office of the VP&CSAO will strive to make all funding award disbursements possible, but depending on the nature of the expenditures (some items may be restricted or they may require specific methods of procurement), there may be funds we cannot disburse.


The applicant representing the student group must be an actively enrolled UVA student; students who are not actively enrolled (e.g., withdrawn, on suspension, etc.) may not represent the student group for this purpose.