Event Manager Guidelines

The Alcohol Risk Management course is free and available online. The training has recently been revised. As of April 1, 2022, all Event Managers must complete the revised training, and the training must be completed every two years. If you have any questions, contact vpsa@virginia.edu.

  • All events involving the use of alcohol with underage guests must have an Event Manager who is trained in the UVA Alcohol Risk Management Program, with the exception of events that are held at off-Grounds licensed third-party establishments.
  • Any of-age member of the event host organization can take the training to serve as the Event Manager. Caterers are not the trained Event Manager.
  • The Event Manager's primary duty is to check event guests' identification for proof of legal age and clearly identify individuals who are of legal age by a wristband, hand stamp, or other type of highly visible identification as specified in the approved Request for Use of Alcoholic Beverages form. The preferred method of identification is for of-age guests to wear a wristband.
  • The Event Manager's secondary duty is to assist the event host in following University policy regarding the service of alcohol. The event manager should alert the event host to any observed policy violations (e.g., entry or exit of persons with beverage containers, lack of nonalcoholic beverages and/or food items, kegs, pony kegs, or beer balls in University-owned residence facilities). It is the event host's responsibility to correct any policy violations. Event Manager and host should review the Guidelines for Hosting a Safe Event.
  • Completing the Event Manager training does not provide certification to serve alcoholic beverages. The Event Manager is not the bartender at the event.
  • The Event Manager is not to drink prior to or while acting as the Event Manager.