Summer Program

Group Project

Over the course of the five-week summer program, the Lewis Fellows work in small groups to develop proposals for their assignments. The Fellows worked with key stakeholders across the University, including representatives from Student Affairs, the Provost’s Office, the Office of the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Academic Deans, and their fellow students to incorporate diverse perspectives into their proposals. The summer program concludes with each group presenting their proposal to a broad University audience.

Summer Program

Week 1: About You and Your Vision

The Fellows are introduced to the summer program and group project. After being divided into six teams, the Fellows have group discussions on personal leadership styles and team expectations. Primary topics for the week include effective verbal and non-verbal communication, the University's Organizational chart, and understanding how personal needs motivate behaviors. 

Week 2: Teamwork and Institutional Orientation

The Fellows are oriented to the organizational structure of the University and how to collaborate within it.  Primary topics for the week include group effectiveness, creative problem-solving, and the art of presenting. The Fellows participate in leadership exercises that encourage them to apply these topics to real-world situations. This week also begins a series of conversations with University leaders, exposing Fellows to the political and institutional nuances of UVA. 

Week 3: Project Management and Practical Leadership

The Fellows work with UVA Faculty, Directors in various offices, and outside professionals on exploring and sharpening necessary leadership skills. Project management skills include constructing and delivering a proposal, creating and presenting building project plans, and navigating and understanding issues of diversity, inclusion, and privilege in the workplace. Fellows have the privilege of having brunch with Academic Deans and University Senior Leaders. 

Week 4: Connecting Ideas and Refining Strategy

At this stage in the program, the Fellows have begun to solidify their ideas for the summer project, and have begun to present their ideas to University officials. Their visits with University leaders will continue to develop their organizational understanding of the University, and their leadership skills will be furthered through various workshops on effective communication, group collaboration, and financial management. At this point, the Fellows schedule meetings with their project Stakeholders to discuss their proposals

Week 5: Bringing it All Together

The Fellows spend the majority of the week in team meetings, working with each other to refine and finalize their project ideas.  At the end of the week, the Fellows present their projects to a broad audience of University stakeholders. Various projects have been implemented by Stakeholders. The Fellows end the week with a luncheon