Living on the Lawn FAQs

How much will my Lawn room cost?

The rate for the 2023-2024 school year is $8,370 for the academic year. The rate for the upcoming year will be available on the Housing & Residence Life website in the Spring.

What is included with my room?

The dimensions of specific rooms differ.

Each bedroom is furnished with the following items:

  • Lofted bed with ladder Extra-long twin-size mattress [80"L x 36"W]
  • Daybed with cover under lofted bed
  • Built-in closet
  • Built-in sink closet
  • Hutch with cabinets, shelves, three drawers, refrigerator compartment, and microwave shelf
  • Refrigerator with freezer, microwave
  • Secretary desk with chair
  • Rocking chair
  • Window blinds
  • Wood floor
  • Wireless connection to the University's computer network

All University furniture must remain in its assigned room. Additional furniture such as shelves, tables, or cabinets may NOT be stored in Lawn rooms over the summer. 

Please note that the University does not supply hibachi grills. 

All rooms are air-conditioned. Lawn rooms do not include kitchens or common study lounges.

Can I accept my Lawn room and still have a room or apartment off Grounds at the same time?

No. The Selection Committee offers Lawn rooms to individuals whom it believes will be engaged members of the Lawn community. It is an expectation of the Selection Committee that, if you choose to accept the offer, your Lawn room will be your primary place of residence at UVA (the residence where you sleep a clear majority of nights while classes are in session). There are many highly qualified applicants on the waitlist who are willing to commit fully to immersing themselves in the Lawn community.

Is there a resident staff member on the Lawn?

The Senior Resident of the Lawn is a Fourth Year student selected through a rigorous application process in the Office of the Dean of Students/Housing & Residence Life unit on the basis of his or her performance as an RA and suitability for the unique needs of the Lawn community. The Senior Resident facilitates communication between the students who live on the Lawn and the faculty residents of the Pavilions, the Office of the Dean of Students, the Office of the Vice President and Chief Student Affairs officer, and many other stakeholders in the Lawn community.

The Senior Resident works to further the goals of the Resident Staff Program on the Lawn: to generate and maintain an environment in University Housing that facilitates the physical well being of students and emphasizes opportunities for personal and intellectual growth, self-governance, social and cultural programming, independence and informal interaction and collaboration with faculty members.

If you are a resident staff member interested in the position, please be sure to complete the HRL promotions application for Senior Resident. You can find it on the Housing and Residence Life webpage. If you have any questions, please contact the current Senior Resident, Cyrena Matingou at [email protected].

How are rooms assigned?

The Senior Resident will contact you with information about the Room Selection Meeting, which he or she will facilitate during the spring semester after the residents have been informed of their selection. The order in which rooms are chosen (aside from the endowed and reserved rooms, which are previously assigned) is determined by lottery.

What is expected of Lawn residents?

Lawn residents should:

Work together as a group to pursue common goals determined by the community. Promote and role model an attitude of inclusiveness and respect at the University of Virginia. Promote and role model healthy behaviors. Enthusiastically share their passions with other members of the Lawn community. Willingly explore new friendships, cultural experiences, or academic fields with other Lawn residents. Continue to uphold high standards of University involvement, leadership, and academic achievement. Physically open their doors to the Lawn. Use their Lawn room as their primary University residence. Respect their living space as a place of historic value and as the public face of the University. Abide by the policies in the Record concerning the use of Lawn. Abide by all Dean of Students/Housing & Residence Life policies.

Do I have to buy a meal plan?

Buying a meal plan is recommended but not required to live on the Lawn. Visit the UVA Dining website to learn more about which plan fits your needs and how you can sign up.

Where are the bathrooms?

On the East side, the women’s bathroom is behind Room 26 and the men’s bathroom is behind Room 28. On the West side, there is a unisex bathroom behind Room 27 and the women’s bathroom is behind Room 37. 

Where will I do my laundry?

The Laundry Room is on the East side behind Room 30 and is used by residents of both the Lawn and the Range. Visit the Housing & Residence Life website for more information.

What will my mailing address be?

Your mailing address is your room number. Letters and packages are delivered to your door.

Sample mailing address:
Cyrena Matingou
26 East Lawn
Charlottesville VA 22903

Are accessible Lawn rooms available?

Yes, multiple West Lawn rooms now meet the criteria for accessibility, including availability of accessible bathrooms.