Lawn Application


Residence on the the Lawn recognizes students for unselfish service to the University and Charlottesville/Albemarle County communities, and achievement in their respective fields of activity and academics. Lawn residents are a diverse group of students who represent widely varying activities, backgrounds, and interests. These degree applicants in their final year of study are expected to continue to work for the furtherance of the ideals and traditions of the University and to build a strong community while residing on the Lawn.

Students selected to live on the Lawn enjoy the distinction earned by their unselfish service and achievement in their respective fields of activity and academics. The nature and quality of service to the University and broader local community is a major consideration in making selections. Once chosen for the Lawn, they assume an obligation to so manage their living as to enhance the general reputation and good name of the University in the eyes of the public, since Lawn rooms are constantly in the public eye. Details of the special obligations include continued involvement in the University community, adherence to University policies in the historic public space, as well taking responsibility for establishing a vibrant and welcoming Lawn community and active participation in events. Additional obligations are left quite properly to the residents in the spirit of a self-governed community.

By submitting this application you are granting express rights to the Housing & Residence Life Office and the Lawn Selection Committee to receive a copy of your official academic records for review as a part of the application process. Academic excellence is an important factor in selection for the Lawn.



Complaints about procedural matters relating to the Lawn Selection Process will be heard by the Senior Resident of the Lawn, who may consult any member(s) of the Lawn Selection Organizing Committee in making his or her decision.

Appeals of the decisions of the Senior Resident of the Lawn will be made in writing to the University Dean of Students and heard by a panel of three members of the Lawn Selection Organizing Committee as appointed by the Dean. The decision of the appeal panel will be made by a majority vote and will be final.