What is funded through the Cavalier Fund?

Cavalier Fund grants may be used to pay required dues for any student organization that is active in the Hoos Involved database and demonstrates the capacity to receive payments for the benefit of grantees. Grants may also pay or defray required costs of activities sponsored or approved by such student organizations or by University departments or offices. 

The following list provides examples of, but is not limited to, activities and opportunities that are allowable according to the Federal and University guidelines: 

  • Associated costs for membership in registered, active student organizations, including Contracted Independent Organizations (CIOs), Special Status Organizations (SSOs), Fraternal Order Agreement organizations (FOAs), and Agency organizations. Examples include but are not limited to Greek-letter organizations, honor societies, club sport teams, and para-professional organizations. 
  • Participation in enrichment activities sponsored by student organizations or University offices such as travel to a lecture, entrance fees or tickets for arts and cultural experiences, registration for or travel to individual or team competition, fees associated with recreation and outdoor adventure excursions, or other similar activity. 
  • Participation in UVA Recreation group fitness or intramurals
  • Participation in community service activities, including Madison House-sponsored events, Alternative Spring Break, or other service-related organization activities. Funds may be used to cover travel to service locations and lodging during the duration of the experience. 
  • Supplies for participation in co-curricular programming or experiences, including technology, sports equipment, or printing of research posters that may be needed to participate in or attend functions related to the experience. 
  • Costs associated with attending or participating in a University-sponsored professional or pre-professional conference or research-related experience including registration fees, transportation, lodging, and meals not provided by the conference.  

What is not funded?

The Cavalier Fund may not be used to support for-credit activities or other items covered through tuition and fees, or regular cost-of-attendance items covered by financial aid such as books and school supplies, laptops, rent, utilities, food, or miscellaneous personal items. Additionally, the Cavalier Fund is not intended to support an emergency financial crisis. If you are seeking assistance in any of these situations, consider these optional resources: 

Can I be reimbursed for previous expenses? 

No, Cavalier Fund awards may not be used to reimburse individuals, student organizations or University departments for a previous expense. Co-curricular opportunities must be completed after the application submission and award notification date.

Are graduate and professional students eligible?  

Currently, graduate and professional students are not eligible to receive grants through the Cavalier Fund. It is recommended that you contact your specific academic unit to inquire if similar funding assistance may be provided.