About the Second-Year Experience

Welcome to your Second-Year at UVA! 
We have a Second-Year Committee that is dedicated to helping create the best experience for you. The Committee has a mission and outcomes that we hope you will experience throughout your second-year. Which you’ll see below. 
Remember, we are here to support you in your journey at UVA and to help make your second-year as best as it can be!

Second-Year Experience Mission

To provide a supportive, coordinated effort that empowers second-year students to exercise the knowledge and skills to thrive at UVA.

Second-Year Experience Outcomes

  1. Second-Year students will enhance their understanding of the unique resources and supports available to them.
  2. Second-Year students will take ownership of their development to discern, plan, act, and reflect.
    1. Academic Planning
    2. Clarifying Experiences/High Impact Experiences
      1. Study abroad
      2. Undergraduate Research
      3. Internships
      4. Service
      5. Joining a CIO
  3. Second-Year students will engage in experiential learning to deepen their connection to UVA and broader communities
  4. Second-Year students will develop practices of the dimensions of wellbeing that impact their success