Please complete the following information for student worker hires in Student Affairs. Contact Wayland Bryan at [email protected] with any questions.

You are responsible for compliance with I-9 documentation.

As a hiring manager or student hiring representative, please ensure that students are not working in a position until they have been hired in Workday and completed their I-9 process. For example, this means that the students with hire dates of September 19, 2022 need to be submitted weeks BEFORE September 19. This is so the student can complete Part I of the I-9 on/by their start date of September 19. The Student and UVA HR will then do Part II of the I-9 between September 19 and its due date of September 22. 

Please encourage student employees:

  1. to log into Workday timely to complete their I-9;
  2. respond to AskHR emails concerning the I-9 process; and
  3. ensure they have met the requirements for documentation within three days
Students who fail to complete their I-9 documentation on time will be terminated without pay and will be ineligible for rehire.
An email confirmation will be sent to this address.
Please put the employee's first day on the job. (THIS CANNOT BE IN THE PAST)
Job Profile
Employee Type
$12.00 - $15.98
$14.53 - $18.89
$16.71 - $21.80
$19.61- $26.00
$12.00 - $18.88
$16.71 - $26.15
$23.98 - $32.00
Time Type
Please enter full address.
Pay Rate Type
Is this a Federal Work Study position?
If unsure, please contact Effie at [email protected] before completing the form.
Federal Work Study
If no Handshake Job ID is available, please put "advertised elsewhere."
One file only.
256 MB limit.
Allowed types: txt, rtf, pdf, doc, docx, odt, ppt, pptx, odp, xls, xlsx, ods.
Has the student's FWS eligibility been checked?

Please do not submit "Yes" unless the student's eligibility has been checked by either SFS or the Finance Team.Federal Work Study students can only work during the normal school year.