Departments, organizations, or individuals affiliated with the University of Virginia desiring student or parent data of any kind (beyond legitimate educational interest) must submit this form to the Office of the Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer for approval in accordance with University guidelines. Please include a sample of the proposed communication with this request. Upon approval, VPSA will provide the information requested or, in some cases, refer the approved request to the appropriate office. Please note, any data requests that involve communicating by email to 1,000 or more recipients must adhere to the University's policy on Mass Electronic Mailings.

Fulfilling requests will take (3) business days on average from the date of approval. If your request involves coordination and dissemination of a mass email, more time will be required. Send questions to [email protected].

Please describe your request and indicate the purpose of the communication.
One file only.
2 MB limit.
Allowed types: txt, rtf, pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx.

My electronic signature warrants the following:

  1. The data provided will be used only for the specific purpose stated above, within the stated time frame;
  2. If provided with the data, I will ensure that it is secured during the period of use and destroyed upon completion of the stated purpose; and
  3. I understand that the University of Virginia is disclosing personally identifiable information from the education records of a student. This disclosure is made upon the condition that I will not disclose the information to any other party (except to officers, employees, and agents pursuant to purposes for which the disclosure is made) without obtaining the prior written consent of the student.