Connections is edited and published by the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs. This office determines the suitability of all items for publications.


  • Published Wednesday afternoons during the fall and spring semesters (except for holidays).
  • Mailing list includes all UVA undergraduates plus students in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences.
  • Only students, faculty, and staff may post notices.
  • Only University-related notices will be published.
  • Submissions may be edited for brevity and clarity.


  • Noon on Monday for the following Wednesday's edition.
  • In the interest of brevity and newsiness, repeat submissions may be denied.


Heading: CIO name, event title, performer's name, lecture, etc.
Logistical Information: date, time, place, due date, etc.
Description: Brief explanation of the heading in 70 words or fewer.

A couple notes to consider:

  • Recipients of the email version of Connections will only see the headline, which links to the online version. Make the heading brief, yet informative.
  • To avoid repetition, do not repeat logistical information in the description. In some cases, such as in the sample below, dates not immediately relevant to the heading are necessary.

Sample Posting

Help Plan Culturefest
Apply by Sept. 8, 11:59 p.m.

One of the largest multicultural celebration events at UVA, Culturefest is coming Oct. 19! This popular Family Weekend event features diverse food, performances, and cultures. By being a part of the planning committee, you can gain large event-planning experience and learn about other cultures.

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Date, time, place, due date, etc.
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