Be Safe and Enjoy Spring Break

All Students in Charlottesville
Cedric Rucker, Interim Dean of Students

Dear Students:

Many of you will be leaving soon for Spring Break. Wherever you are traveling, I hope you will have a great time and get to recharge a bit before returning for the last weeks of the semester.

Some of you will be staying here, so be sure to check out the Spring Break webpage with information on hours of various buildings and services. I hope you will also find some time for fun and recharging.

Whether staying or going, please take a few moments to review the safety tips below. 


Thefts and break-ins often increase during holiday and semester break periods. Some important tips to keep in mind during Spring Break: 

General reminders:
  • Avoid ordering packages or consider rescheduling any package deliveries while away. Thefts of unsecured mail/packages have recently occurred from porches of off-Grounds housing.
  • Double-check that all windows and doors are secure.
  • Pull the curtains or shades in your residence.
  • Keep a list of serial numbers for all electronics in a secured place. 
  • Let a friend or loved one know where you will be.
If you are leaving Charlottesville:
  • Take valuables with you.
  • Lock or otherwise properly secure your scooter or bicycle and park them in designated, well-lit areas. Consider using a throttle lock.
  • Do not store gas-powered vehicles inside.
  • If your car remains in Charlottesville, lock it and do not leave valuables inside.
  • If you would like UPD to do an exterior visual security check on your residence while you are away, fill out this form.
If you are staying in Charlottesville:
  • Fewer people will be on the Grounds and in Charlottesville, especially at night. Remain aware of your surroundings and do not walk alone at night. Walk in well-lit public areas.
  • Be aware of University Transit schedule changes.
  • Use Safe Walk, especially after dark. You can request a free Safe Walk from an Ambassador, at the Public Service Substation on the Corner, or by calling 434-984-7622, extension 406.
  • Always lock your doors and windows, even when you are home.
  • Report any suspicious behavior to University Police by calling or texting 911. Police want you to contact them. 
  • See the Spring Break website for schedule information.

Best wishes for an enjoyable and safe break.

Cedric B. Rucker
Interim Dean of Students