Community Crisis Resources

University of Virginia’s Division of Student Affairs is a critical component of the student experience at UVA, connecting students to academic and well-being resources, opportunities to get involved in student groups, and events that focus on building community and professional development. Our Division’s focus remains on supporting and caring for our students and their well-being. We continue to provide guidance and support, both on the front line and behind the scenes, to help students process the conflict in Israel and Gaza and continue in their coursework.

Current Services

Targeted Services

  • Our Division provides direct outreach and support of student leaders in the Jewish and Palestinian community, including the Jewish Leadership Council, Chabad at UVA, and Muslim Students Association. We are continuing outreach and engagement with student leaders planning demonstrations and vigils around Grounds. Engagement to date has included sharing policy and resource information regarding peaceful, non-disruptive gatherings. Our Division has connected with at least 16 CIOs and student organizations.
  • Our dedicated program coordinator in the office of Multicultural Student Services focused on Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) students. The office is also launching the MENA peer advising program, this effort aims to create additional support for this population of students.

Services for All

  • TimelyCare: Through our partnership, each academic year students have free access to; TalkNow: 24/7, on-demand access to a mental health professional, 12 scheduled telehealth counseling visits with a licensed mental health provider, psychiatry, weekly guided meditation and yoga group sessions, plus specialized discussions throughout the year, and Self-Care Journeys: On-demand tools and resources designed to guide students on the journey to health and well-being.
  • Embedded CAPS Providers: Embedded Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) staff members have unique awareness of each School’s culture, workload, and curriculum, as well as related challenges and common student concerns. CAPS currently has embedded counseling in 7 schools.
  • WahooWell: WahooWell consists of a confidential well-being survey and two or more confidential, one-on-one follow-up meetings with a well-being facilitator. In these meetings, students have the opportunity to be heard, encouraged, and validated in a way that motivates them to accomplish personally meaningful goals.
  • Every Wednesday in the Student Health and Wellness lobby, students can relax in community while enjoying free coffee. Our professional providers and team members staff this event and are available to have casual conversations with students. Every other session includes therapy dogs.
  • Care and Support Services provides support for students with unmet needs to increase students’ ability to identify, reduce, and navigate barriers to their growth and well-being.
  • Student Health and Wellness also has a wealth of resources available for students on their website, these one-pagers are amplified through social media and other offices in the division.


The Division owns places and spaces across Grounds for students to meet in community:

  • Reflection Rooms and Wellness Suite: two spaces in Student Health and Wellness are open for students to drop-in and relax, meditate, pray, do yoga, and/or reflect.
  • The Interfaith Student Center: maintained by Multicultural Student Services is available for daily prayers, and as a place for community connection.

The Division also maintains relationships with leaders of places across Grounds for students to meet in community:

  • The Chabad House, Brody Jewish Center