What is L2K?

L2K is UVA’s premier leadership development program for students who have taken on organizational leadership roles that include representation and responsibility across broad, pan-university constituencies, and with whom University leaders often work to address shared priorities. It is designed to build a community of practice for student organizational leaders so that they can function effectively in a student self-governed environment.

Participants will:

  1. Develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities required by their roles
  2. Build community among peers facing similar challenges
  3. Connect with advisors and faculty with relevant expertise for support and mentoring

Program Goals

Academic year programming goals:

  1. Build a community of practice among student leaders
  2. Teach content through speakers and workshops
  3. Strengthen organizational transition processes from outgoing to incoming leadership
  4. Develop resources for student leadership voice and perspective

Additional goals for summer institute:

  1. Build trust and community among student leaders, and between student leaders and the administration
  2. Provide individual leadership development
  3. Ensure transmission of information and relationships necessary for the functioning of student self-governance