Transfer Advisory Board


The Transfer Advisory Board (TAB) strives to provide students who transfer to the University of Virginia with the support, outreach, advocacy, planning, and organization of various transfer initiatives necessary to ensure their success at the University. TAB serves as a conduit to help transfer students in their illimitable success pan-University and also bring attention to areas where the University is not adequately serving the population.


A University environment where transfer students confidently and comfortably transition into both the University's academic and social spheres.


Each committee serves as different role designed to support the success of both transfer students and TAB. Click-through to learn about each committee's objectives and projects! Learn more about each Chair on the Transfer Support Directory.


Objective: To provide transfer students with support and helpful tips related to academics.

Marketing & Communication

Objective: Create visibility for the transfer community and remove the transfer stigma.

Non-Traditional Students

Objective: To create an environment specialized to Non-Traditional transfer students (typically those who are over the age of 22 and did not follow the expected path from high school to college) while also advocating for additional resources specialized to Non-Traditional students.

Orientation & Transition Programs

Objective: To facilitate the transition of new students into the greater UVA community.

Recruitment & Special Projects

Objective: To increase engagement in the transfer community, from new transfers to those who have already transferred to the University.