Alex Burijon on a fence in front of Blue Ridge Mountains

Alex Burijon (they/them) is a third-year majoring in Music and Classics (Greek and Latin). They are currently a Director of the Arts Agency of Student Council, a committee which fields student concerns within the arts and spearheads advocacy projects to bargain with authoritative figures. He is also the Treasurer of the all-gender a cappella group Harmonious Hoos, a collective of fiercely individual musicians sharing their passion for music with surrounding communities.

Alex is driven by a desire to connect folks and to spread resources wherever they're welcome, aspiring to level the ground on which incoming people will tread. In an alternate timeline where he ever finishes his coursework, he would enjoy strumming his beat-up guitar, running on Charlottesville hills, color-coding his Google Calendar, and exploring artistic events.

This summer, Alex will be in the San Francisco Bay Area with Music@Menlo as a Student Liaison Intern. They are thrilled to work with the esteemed folks of this internationally-acclaimed chamber music festival as they promote the wellbeing and safety of those involved!