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Cedric Rucker, Interim Dean of Students

Many of you may have recently received emails offering you a part-time job at UVA. Some of those emails seemed to come from familiar sources, such as Student Affairs (see below image).

**Emails offering part-time work are always scam emails designed to extort money from you.** Unfortunately, several students have lost money as a result of these scams.

How can I tell it’s a scam?

  • The offers are unsolicited and are not for jobs you’ve applied for.
  • The reply-to address, if one appears, doesn’t end with ""
  • Legitimate jobs do not hire you via email, bypassing Human Resource tracking systems, without an interview, and without some kind of vetting process.
  • Legitimate UVA job postings for students are posted in Workday and Handshake.
  • Legitimate UVA jobs will compensate you via direct deposit, not via a check.
  • Jobs do not pay you ahead of time for hours not yet performed.

How do they steal from me?

  • Usually, they offer you a job, then send you a "certified check" or electronic payment.
  • Then they ask you to "send" some of the money back.
  • You quickly find the original payment check bounces or is otherwise no good, and you are out the money you sent.

What can I do if I get scammed?

  • If you receive ANY unsolicited email offering a part-time job, personal assistant position, TA slot or any other employment, DO NOT RESPOND.
  • You can help your fellow UVA students by forwarding the fraud email to UVA Information Security at [email protected] so they can block the scammers.
  • If you want to follow up, contact the person or department but do not directly use any suggested addresses in the job solicitation email.
    • Visit the department or professor in person.
    • Use the UVA directory to look up the person and call or email them.

Read more consumer advice from the Federal Trade Commission.

How can I legitimately find a job?

The UVA Career Center can help you find a summer internship opportunity or land the job that aligns with your interests. To get started go to to request an appointment, attend a career fair or event, or schedule an appointment with a career advisor.

Scam Alert email sample