All Students
UVA Student Council

Dear fellow students, 

We have all heard it before: “Student Council doesn’t really DO anything!” Or, “Student Council is full of a bunch of phonies playing politics.”

Almost any other year, we might have agreed with you. But something is changing in Student Council. In the 2021-2022 term alone, we:

  • Created a new branch to house eight services, including grants for therapy, textbooks, and disability certifications, affordable break transportation to airports, a legal services clinic, and a mutual aid network
  • Negotiated the creation of a multi-million dollar insurance grant program after years of advocacy from PLUMAS
  • Allocated $1M+ to organizations and ran CIOs Activities Fairs

And did you know that Student Council approves allocations of our Student Activities Fee (SAF)? This year, the Representative Body directly approved $500K in Student Council budgets – over 10x historical Student Council SAF averages – for free STI testing clinics, Arts Week, free Ubers to the polls, etc. 

In fact, this email hardly begins to cover what Student Council is and does. Whether you love Student Council or hate us, we all own this institution. And whether you love Student Council and especially if you hate us, I encourage you to run for President, Vice President, or Representative this spring.

Take control of one million dollars in student fees. Serve as the voice of students in high-level negotiations with administrators. Make so-called “student self-governance” work for you. Run for Student Council.

Take the University Board of Elections eligibility quiz by Sunday, February 6th by 6PM to run for elected office in Student Council!

Official campaigning will begin Friday, February 25th at 10AM and will end on Friday, March 4th at 4PM, with voting taking place from March 2nd through March 4th. 

Sincerely yours, 
2021-2022 Student Council Executive Board