Important: Avoid Possible Disenrollment in Your Classes

Julie I. Caruccio, Interim University Dean of Students


You are receiving this notice because you have failed to comply with the University’s COVID-19 vaccination requirement. This requirement was announced in May, and the deadline for completion was July 1. Your UVA ID card has already been deactivated. As a result, you are not able to access buildings, services, or resources on Grounds. You will be disenrolled from all your classes for the fall semester if you fail to complete this requirement by Tuesday, August 17, 2021.

You have three options for completing this requirement. Please select one of these options and upload the required documentation to the HealthyHoos (log in using NetBadge) portal immediately.

  1. If you have completed a vaccination series for COVID-19, please upload your vaccination card. If you have lost or misplaced your card and were vaccinated (in Virginia or by VDH), you may use the VDH Self-Service Portal to access your vaccination record.

  2. If you wish to seek a medical or religious exemption from this requirement, please complete and upload the appropriate exemption form.

  3. If you are not yet vaccinated, it is not too late.  You may get an initial vaccine dose now; and complete and upload this temporary waiver form along with your vaccine card showing your initial dose. For complete instructions on uploading this form and proof of first vaccination dose, please visit the Student Health and Wellness website. You will have a limited period of time to complete your vaccination series and must comply with the terms and conditions in the form, which include uploading your full vaccine record when completed.

Vaccine is available free of charge and usually without wait at local pharmacies and local health departments throughout the United States. Anyone over 12 can get vaccinated at the UVA Health COVID-19 vaccination center. To make an appointment for your first shot, call 434-297-4829. You can also schedule an appointment online. The UVA COVID Vaccine Call Center takes calls Mon-Fri, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  If you are having difficulty getting the vaccine in your area, please call Student Health and Wellness (SHW) immediately at 434-924-5362 and they will advise you on options. If you are considering getting the vaccine, but have concerns about allergies, please review this PDF. You may make an appointment with one of the Medical Services providers at SHW if you would like to discuss or review in more detail.

If you are a student receiving financial aid, your aid will be held until you complete this requirement.

If you fail to comply with this requirement by Tuesday, August 17, you will be disenrolled from your fall 2021 classes. 

  • If you are disenrolled, you may still complete this requirement before Tuesday, August 24 (first day of undergraduate classes) and have the opportunity to re-enroll in classes.  Please note, however, that you will have lost your current fall schedule and will be able to enroll in open/available classes only.   

If you are an international student or coming from abroad, instructions addressing your situation are available on the Student Health and Wellness website.

Thank you for giving this your immediate attention. If you have questions, please contact UVA’s Coronavirus call center at or 833-454-6902 (domestic) or +1-202-800-2408 (international). 


Julie I. Caruccio
Interim University Dean of Students