Planning a Protest, Demonstration, or Vigil on Grounds

The University of Virginia is a community in which the ideals of freedom of inquiry, thought, and expression are respected and sustained. The University is committed to supporting the exercise of constitutionally protected expression in University-controlled facilities and property while maintaining a safe atmosphere free from disruption.

The University has established requirements for use of its facilities and property in order to focus on its mission, provide a safe environment, and preserve the aesthetics of the Grounds.

The use of University facilities and property must:

  • not impede student education, academic activities, research, patient care, scheduled events, University functions, residences, or the faculty/staff work environment;
  • be safe for participants and not generate security issues; and
  • preserve the integrity and aesthetics of the University’s property.

For students planning a protest, demonstration, or vigil on Grounds, the information below may be useful to consider. For additional information, please view the University’s free speech website.

Preliminary Questions to Consider

  • Who will be involved (e.g., students, faculty/staff, community members)?
  • Where will the event occur? Is a reservation necessary or desired?
  • What time will the event take place? What is the duration of the event?
  • What are the planned activities of the group? How will demonstrators choose to express their views (e.g., signs, chanting, etc.)? Do all participants understand the restrictions on certain activities (see policies below)? 
  • Is there any likelihood of counterdemonstrators?
  • What is the safety plan?
  • Organizers are encouraged to meet with University officials for guidance and support in planning their activity (see below).

University Policies

Review, understand, and follow University policies related to space use and protests/expressive activity.