Student Organization Transition Checklist

Sign The CIO Agreement.
Officer and Committee Job Descriptions
Financial Information 
  • Bank Account and Tax ID (if relevant)
  • Spending Processes
Contact lists with Addresses & Phone Numbers of Members & Advisors
Important Points of Contact
  • Risk Management
  • Event Planning
  • Fire Marshals
Usernames & Passwords (emails, social media sites, Listervs, etc.)
CIO Constitution, Bylaws, & Mission
CIO Calendar
Status Reports on Ongoing/Upcoming Projects
Previous Meeting Minutes
Alumni List
Historical Records, Scrapbooks, & Equipment
Update HoosInvolved.
Develop a mentoring program or a shadowing program. 
Hold officer elections one month before the end of your current leadership’s term to provide an overlap period for new and old officers to work together. 
Update the officers and members in the organization roster on Hoos Involved during the Renewal process.
Review your Constitution and bylaws to reflect changes made during your administration.
Introduce the incoming officers to advisors, staff, and other student leaders and university administrators your organization works with.
Orient incoming officers to resources used in the past.
Share problems, helpful ideas, procedures, and recommendations. Write and share reports containing traditions, ideas, completed projects, continuing projects, and concerns or ideas never carried out.
Go through organizational files with incoming officers.