Event Planning Guide

The event planning guide is a resource on steps to consider when planning for an event with you organization. 

Before Your Event

  • Brainstorming - what is our goal/mission? How does what we came up with align with that goal/mission?
  • Does this event contribute to furthering the goals or mission of your organization?
  • What do you want people to know or experience when they leave your event?
  • Can I realistically plan this event with the budget I have? How much money do I need?
  • Are there partners or co-sponsors that we can work with to make the event more successful? Who is included in the planning process?
  • What is your anticipated attendance? Will you have food? Are their vendors or performers you would need to pay? Giveaways? What will supplies will be needed?
  • Make a budget and Apply for funding or fundraise if needed

1+ Month(s) Before Your Event

  • Secure your space via Event Planning Services
    • Need date/time/location
    • Think about a rain location or a rain date
    • Develop your plan for how you would like the space setup and what Audio Visual (AV) equipment you need
    • What outside equipment are you bringing into the space? What is needed for that equipment? 
  • Secure any performers/services/vendors
  • Plan for food
  • Think about what risks are associated with the event - purchase event insurance and make sure vendors have insurance as well! 
  • Take care of any paperwork and University forms EARLY
  • Secure payment for your performers/services or vendors
  • Secure your staff
  • Develop a marketing plan
    • GroupMe, Instagram, (social) 
    • Flyers and digital marketing
    • TVs in Res Halls & Newcomb Hall 
    • Hoos Involved
    • Chalking, Tabling, and Banners - just make sure to do so in approved locations only

2 Weeks Before Your Event

  • Execute your marketing plan!
    • Flyers
    • Facebook/Twitter and other forms of social media
    • HooView
    • Table Tents
    • Connections Newsletter
  • Check in with your vendors/speakers/performers/services to confirm their services
  • Secure volunteers for your event
  • Determine if and how you will track event attendance

The Week of Your Event

  • Check in with your volunteers and assign tasks and points of contact
  • Advertising push
  • Print Materials Complete
  • Prepare event materials
  • Prepare event evaluations, where appropriate

Day of Your Event

  • Have a day of schedule prepared
  • Know who is responsible for what
  • Make sure everyone knows what to do for emergencies - have a plan
  • Are you tracking attendance? What is the process for that? FYI Hoos Involved can be used to track
  • What is the flow of the event? Where are people going when they are arrive? What are they doing?
  • How will you assess the event? Has assessment been created? How do you get people to fill it out? 

After Your Event

  • Send thank you notes/emails as applicable
  • Wrap it Up and Leave Feedback
  • Create an after event summary with all of the information and details from your event.