Event Planning Guide

The event planning guide is a resource on steps to consider when planning for an event with you organization.

Before Your Event

  • Does this event contribute to furthering the goals or mission of your organization?
  • What do you want people to know or experience when they leave your event?
  • Can I realistically plan this event with the budget I have? How much money do I need?
  • Are there partners or co-sponsors that we can work with to make the event more successful?

1+ Month(s) Before Your Event

2 Weeks Before Your Event

  • Execute your marketing plan!
    • Flyers
    • Facebook/Twitter and other forms of social media
    • HooView
    • Table Tents
    • Connections Newsletter
  • Check in with your vendors/speakers/performers/services to confirm their services
  • Secure volunteers for your event
  • Determine if and how you will track event attendance

The Week of Your Event

  • Check in with your volunteers
  • Advertising push
  • Print Materials Complete
  • Prepare event materials
  • Prepare event evaluations, where appropriate

After Your Event

  • Send thank you notes/emails as applicable
  • Wrap it Up and Leave Feedback
  • Create an after event summary with all of the information and details from your event.