CIO Renewals

Why Renew?

Renewing your CIO retains your status as an active organization at the University.  Active CIO status allows you to market on HooView TV screens, reserve spaces on Grounds, and apply for SAF funding through Student Council.

Renewal Timeline

CIO Renewals will take place April 15th - May 2nd in the Hoos Involved Platform.  

Prepare to Renew

  • The Incoming President can sign and Download the CIO Agreement for the 2022-2023 academic year
  • Include the non-affiliation language on ALL websites and social media platforms. Google your CIO’s name and delete old websites.  
  • Include the non-discrimination language in your CIO’s Current Constitution 
  • Check that your organization is using the University’s name correctly in ALL places (urls, social media pages, websites, etc.).  
  • Check that your organization is using logos correctly. 


​Regarding new members to your roster; once your organization registration is approved, any new members, officers, and/or advisors you have added to your roster will receive an email invitation from Hoos Involved (Presence) to join your organization. They must accept this invitation to be listed on your roster. We recommend sending an email to these members to ensure they are looking out for the invitations and and will accept once it arrives.

  • Add any new members
  • Update members' positions as needed
  • Remove any graduating or departing members


If you have questions, email us at or sign up for a CIO Renewals FAQ session with one of our staff members.