Blueprint Leadership Program

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Blueprint Leadership Program provides first-year, second-year, and transfer students at the University of Virginia with a toolbox of fundamental leadership skills and qualities. Blueprint lays the groundwork for the future leaders of the University and serve as a springboard into leadership on grounds and in the community at large. Blueprint is a semester-long program that runs during the Spring. The program incorporates both an educational aspect and hands-on learning through our two pillars: 


  • Participants attend weekly meetings featuring distinguished guest speakers.  
  • Examples of topics include: creativity in leadership, resilience, and conflict management.  


  • Participants are placed into groups of ~10 and work through the process of solving an issue facing the UVA or Charlottesville community.  
  • Groups are taken through the process of identifying root causes, exploring solutions, and presenting their work. 
  • Groups are led by Peer Leaders—former participants that provide guidance throughout the process.

During the program, participants develop their own personal leadership styles, teamwork skills, and personal network. For students interested in developing their personal organization skills in an intentional, educational, and reflective team environment—Blueprint is the program for you.  

To contact the Blueprint Leadership Program, reach out to one of the following four directors:

Visit the Blueprint Leadership page on HoosInvolved to learn more.