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Multicultural Student Services

  • Interfaith Student Center

    • The mission of the Interfaith Space is to create a welcoming, comfortable, and safe space where students of diverse backgrounds and beliefs can practice their own faith and mindfulness and learn about those of others. The Interfaith Space aims to foster interfaith dialogue, education, and relationships while recognizing the many vibrant religious communities on Grounds. 

  • Muslim Institute for Leadership and Empowerment (MILE)

    • The Muslim Institute for Leadership & Empowerment (MILE) is a leadership, identity, and community development program that seeks to create socially-aware leaders within the University and beyond.

Contracted Independent Organizations (CIOs)

There are a many faith-based CIOs at UVA. Search Hoos Involved under the category "Spiritual & Religious" to see the full list of currently active organizations.

Contemplative Sciences Center

The mission of the Contemplative Sciences Center (CSC) is to advance the study and application of human flourishing at all levels of education—K-12, undergraduate, graduate, professional, and lifelong.

Additional Resources

Brody Jewish Center

The Brody Jewish Center, Hillel at the University of Virginia, is the focal point in a renaissance of Jewish life for the estimated 1,000 Jewish undergraduates on Grounds.

Resources for Muslim Students

Overview of University and local community resources for Muslim students.

United Ministries at UVA

United Ministries is an interfaith group of clerical and other religious leaders working in religious life with students and the University community.  United Ministries exists to serve the educational aims of the University by providing for the religious needs of its students, staff, and faculty

Interfaith Calendar of Holidays

Religiously Affiliated Organizations

Some of the resources and organizations presented on the Multicultural Student Services website are external to or separate from the University of Virginia, including but not limited to Contracted Independent Organizations and community resources. Those which are external to or separate from the University are responsible for and manage their own activities and affairs, and each has the same opportunity to request inclusion on this website. The University does not direct, supervise, or control external entities and is not responsible for their contracts, acts, or omissions. The inclusion of these external entities and resources on this website does not imply endorsement of the University of Virginia. If your organization would like to be included on this list as a resource, please contact [email protected].