Interfaith Student Center (IFSC)

Fourth Level - Newcomb Hall

The mission of the Interfaith Space is to create a welcoming, comfortable, and safe space where students of diverse backgrounds and beliefs can practice their own faith and mindfulness and learn about those of others. The Interfaith Student Center aims to foster interfaith dialogue, education, and relationships while recognizing the many vibrant religious communities on Grounds.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Alex Winkowski (MSS Assistant Director, [email protected]) or Vicki Gist (MSS Director, [email protected]). 

Students use our space to:

  • Hang out and study in our social space
  • Practice their religion/spirituality
  • Reserve the space for religious events & services

Hours of Operation 

Open Daily  | 8am - 10pm; hours will be adjusted during seasonal breaks
Swipe Access with a UVA ID is Required for Entry


Are you a part of a student organization looking to advertise your event? Check out the IFSC FLYERING POLICY

INTERFAITH Student Center Calendar