Questioning & Coming Out

Coming out can be a complex and challenging process - the LGBTQ Center and our on-Grounds partners are here to support you. There is no one right way to come out. It’s a lifelong process of being ever more open and true with yourself and others - done in your own way and in your own time. This page includes some resources for students who are exploring their own identity or in the process of coming out. 

If you are questioning you own sexual/romantic and/or gender identity, please know you can reach out to Alex Winkowski, Assistant Director - Multicultural Student Services at [email protected] to schedule a meeting or to get connected with additional support on Grounds.

Human Rights Campaign - Coming out Resource Guides

  • An extensive list of guides on topics including: coming out as bisexual or transgender, to coming out as a queer/trans person of color and coming out as an LGBTQ+ person of faith.

GLSEN Coming Out

  • This page includes 12 considerations for a coming out process.

Trevor Project Coming Out Guide

  • This handbook includes and overview of sexuality and gender, as well as guidance on coming out and healthy relationships.

Tips on Coming Out as Asexual

  • A blog post from a writer at the Asexual Agenda.