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The LGBTQ Center currently offers three workshops for University faculty, staff, students, and community members who are committed to learning more about LGBTQ+ advocacy.

Safe Space Foundations

This is a 2.5 hour, interactive training that includes a discussion of LGBTQ+ terminology, activities on privilege, and practicing allyship. Topics include sex, gender, and sexual/romantic orientation and a conversation on effective allyship. This is a great workshop for those who are just beginning their understanding of LGBTQ+ identity, for those who are hoping to refresh/deepen their commitment to advocacy, and even for those who are looking for an opportunity to reflect on their own identities and experiences.

A Primer on Pronouns

This is a 1 hour training that details the "What?" "How?" and "Why?" of gender pronouns. Participants will have the opportunity to practice using various gender pronouns and discuss different ways to thoughtfully use pronouns.


This is a 1.5 hour training that details different aspects of the transitioning process for transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming folks, including social, medical, and legal transition. This training might be useful for someone considering different aspects of their own transition, or for advocates and allies who are looking to support transitioning friends/family/colleagues. It is highly recommended that participants complete the Safe Space Foundations workshop before attending this training.


Spring 2024 Open Workshops

Check back here January 5, 2023 for training dates and registration

These workshops are open to all faculty, staff, students, and Charlottesville community members.


UVA Department/Unit Training Requests:

Please reach out to Alex Winkowski at [email protected] if you would like to discuss organizing a training for your UVA Department/Unit.