Goals and Initiatives

Our goals have one simple focus: the UVA student experience. If you are interested in results-oriented philanthropy, a gift to Student Affairs is an investment in students—future leaders of society. We create and nurture opportunities for students to be hands-on leaders through our unique system of student self-governance. The generosity of private support to the Division of Student Affairs will allow us to sustain and advance the unparalleled student experience at the University. Your gift will assist in program creation for both targeted student communities and in addressing contemporary social issues. These resources will also provide flexible funding to engage student leaders in a host of timely learning opportunities throughout the course of an academic year. The aim of these efforts is to preserve the foundational underpinnings—honor and self-governance—of the UVA experience while charting new ground in preparing our students to become tomorrow's leaders.

Our programmatic and operational priorities reflect the breadth of impact we make on the student experience at UVA.

Aerials Health System

Student Health and Wellness Center

In its mission to serve all students of the University, the Division of Student Affairs has undertaken an ambitious plan to construct a new Student Health and Wellness Center that reflects the evolution in health care and responds to the needs of students as they enter a period of tremendous personal growth and begin taking responsibility for their well-being. The Department of Student Health’s mission is to support students’ pursuit of academic and personal success by promoting their health and well-being. The department’s five core service units include General Medicine, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), the Office of Health Promo­tion (OHP), Gynecology, and the Student Disability Access Center (SDAC).

Promoting and fostering wellness, as opposed to treating illness, has become the emerging paradigm for UVA Student Health and Wellness. This broader mission encompasses not only immediate treatment, but also preventative care, coun­seling, pre-travel preparation, disability accommodation, and management of potentially chronic prob­lems such as eating disorders, anxiety, substance abuse, and depression. Maintaining a center of well-being consists of approaches in several dimensions of health, including physical, mental, social, emotional, environmental, financial, and intellectual.

Your generous gift will support the University’s efforts to guide students as they pursue wellness in each of these areas. College is a critical time for students to develop lifelong habits of self-care, which in turn enables them to flourish as students and to become thriving alumni and citizen-leaders.

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MLI Students

Meriwether Lewis Institute for Citizen Leadership

The Meriwether Lewis Institute for Citizen Leadership at the University of Virginia is a multi-year fellowship that prepares students for a lifetime of leadership at the University and beyond. The Institute brings together a diverse group of UVA students from across the University for a 2.5-year immersive leadership experience. Each cohort of Lewis Fellows is comprised of 25 students selected in the fall of their second-year at the University. In their time as Lewis Fellows, students participate in a six-week summer leadership institute, enroll in two academic courses (one in the Architecture School and the other in the Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy), and contribute to the University through student organizations and individual projects.

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Student at career counseling

Student Life and Leadership Fund

UVA has never encountered something like the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), but our community is already demonstrating its resilience and ability to make the most of a difficult situation. Since the announcement of UVA’s change in spring semester plans, alumni, parents, and friends from around the world have asked how they may help students in need of assistance.

The Student Life and Leadership Fund is a long-standing "rainy day" fund administered by the Division of Student Affairs to help students with unexpected expenses. We are already using this fund to assist students as they adjust to spring semester changes.

You can provide immediate assistance to our students during this time with a gift to the Student Life and Leadership Fund. Your support will help with travel expenses, meals, technology needed for online learning, and other necessities. Thank you for your interest in supporting UVA students during these extraordinary times.

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