Rejection to Resilience: Bounce Forward from Academic/Career Setbacks

Pivot Don't Panic
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1515 Studio
Career Center

Rejection is tough, especially when you have been planning for a different outcome. Whether you did not get into your dream academic program (McIntire, Batten, Media Studies, etc.) or you were not selected for your top choice internship or job, would you like support figuring out how to navigate what’s next?

Join this workshop hosted by CAPS and the UVA Career Center to learn strategies for coping with rejection along with career tips to bounce forward constructively toward something new. As a result of this workshop, you will:

  • Learn how to manage the stress of rejection related to academic/career setbacks
  • Connect with other students pivoting from their original academic/career plans
  • Learn about resources from both CAPS and the UVA Career Center that can support your change of direction
  • Leave with helpful strategies and a potential plan

**There will be free food**

This event is part of 2nd Year Committee's Pivot Don't Panic initiatives