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UVA Students, 

In Student Council, we are not governing. We are bargaining. At our best, we represent the collective will of the student body, leveraging the bargaining power of all 27,000 students at the University in negotiations and lobbying to implement material changes. Join us today!


Applications for the Executive Board are due Wednesday, March 23rd by midnight and for all other leadership positions on Friday, April 1 by midnight. All students are eligible to apply. Access the application with descriptions of all open positions HERE.

The 2022-23 Student Council administration is focused on building systems of collective student power and decision-making structures outside of traditional University leadership. We do this by leveraging our unique financial resources, access to information and administrators, and University-wide platform. We are harnessing the power of this institution and the student body by directly funding student services and CIOs; lobbying at the University, city, and state levels; and executing dozens of projects that focus on students’ material conditions.

Join us in building the University that we need.

In the meantime, keep reading to learn about what each of the four branches you can currently apply into worked on in the past year. The Presidential Cabinet focused on policy negotiations that have resulted in changes in the student experience:

  • COVID-19 policy response — we advocated for increased PPE and testing options to students and workers and secured a tuition freeze and block grants, insurance grants, and debt relief from $15.2M in American Rescue Plan spending.
  • A $4 million financial aid package for health insurance, thanks to years of advocacy from PLUMAS, eliminating a prior $13,000 in individual student loans.
  • Advocacy to make bus routes and Safe Ride services more accessible.
  • The Office 365 transition — we secured maintained access for current students to their Google accounts.

Through our Support and Access Services, we are creating resources provided directly by and for students, including:

  • Airbus, low-cost transportation to Richmond and Dulles.
  • UVA Mutual Aid and soon a Free Store.
  • The Next Steps Fund, run through CAPS to subsidize students’ outpatient mental health treatment.
  • A free textbook loaner library.

The Administrative Branch oversees our internal functions and informs policy through:

  • Data Science Committee analysis and reports on everything from the cost of textbooks and its burden on students to UVA’s historical impact on the city’s housing market.
  • Rewriting a more honest history and undergoing an archival project on the history of Student Self-Governance.
  • Ensuring that our membership trainings include anti co-opting and useful leadership workshops about how to negotiate as students.

The Organizations Branch is charged with creating and overseeing all 650+ of our CIOs. They do this by:

  • Running the annual CIO Activities Fairs.
  • Consulting with students and advising for any CIO-related problems.
  • Recognizing new organizations as official CIOs, providing increased access to school resources (e.g. free printing, space booking, funding).
  • Allocating over $1 million of Student Activities Fee annually to empower student organizations.

LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR ADMINISTRATION’S PLANS! Whether you seek to shape University policy, direct critical resources into the hands of students, or work to support student organizations across the University, Student Council needs your leadership.

Please note that this is not the only way to get involved with Student Council for the 2022-2023 year. General membership applications will open later in the semester and again next Fall. More details to come.

Please email incoming Vice President for Administration, Jaden Evans, at [email protected] with any questions, concerns, or if you need any accommodations on the application process.

Finally, check out our organizations chart to get a better idea of the possible Agencies, Boards, or Committees that you might like to join:

2022-2023 Student Council
Ceci Cain (she/her), President-Elect
Jaden Evans (he/him), Vice President-Elect for Administration
Riley Reynolds (she/her), Vice President-Elect for Organizations