Students Will Move to Office 365 in May 2022

All Students
Dana German, Associate Vice President & Deputy Chief Information Officer

Dear Students,

Beginning in May 2022, after the completion of spring semester, current students* will be transitioned from UVA Google to Office 365 for email, calendar, and files. This is the final piece of achieving the University’s long-standing goal of faculty, staff, and students collaborating and communicating across one platform.  

* except those expecting to complete degree requirements and graduate in spring or summer 2022  

Why Office 365?  

A community of Office 365 users is already well established at UVA. Faculty and staff have been using Office 365 since 2017, and all students were given access to Office 365 tools in June 2020.   

  • The Office 365 suite offers a powerful set of tools for collaboration and communication, all of which are tightly and securely integrated.   
  • Office 365 meets the growing trend toward team-based education and work environments where team members may collaborate from anywhere on any device.   
  • It is the predominant toolset used by employers across the United States, which will be invaluable to graduating students entering the job market.  

What does this mean for me?  

The transition is scheduled to begin in May. Your UVA Google email, calendar events, and Drive files will be copied to UVA Office 365 email, calendar, and OneDrive. Timely notifications will be sent in advance. Upon completion of the transition, you will use Office 365 email, calendar, and tools, and your UVA Google account will be disabled and no longer available.   

How can I prepare in advance?  

Visit the Office 365 for Students page and get familiar with Office 365. You will continue to receive communications with more details between now and May 2022.  

Dana German
Associate Vice President & Deputy Chief Information Officer
Information Technology Services
University of Virginia