Safety Messaging

UVA Families
Robyn S. Hadley, Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer

Dear UVA Families:

As we make our way toward the last day of classes next week, we received some disheartening news early this morning. I am forwarding to you the below message, which students, faculty, and staff received this morning from Chief Operating Officer J. J. Davis and Chief of Police Timothy Longo.

Please know that we are doing everything possible to keep our community safe.


Robyn S. Hadley
Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer

Dear Members of the University Community:

Shortly before 4 a.m. today, several University officials and their teams received an email from a person threatening harm to the UVA community. The University Police Department has conducted a preliminary inquiry into the origin of this message and collaborated with other law enforcement partners who are familiar with the messaging. They have determined that no credible threat exists to warrant any immediate action. That said, given the large number of people who received the email, we wanted to share an update with the University community to avoid speculation.

We will continue to follow-up with our law enforcement partners throughout the day and will promptly notify our community if we receive any additional information that would cause concern and necessitate any adjustments to our operational status.

Safety is a shared responsibility. If you see something that concerns you, please contact University Police immediately. Call 911 if you can, text 911 if you cannot call.

Very Truly Yours,

Jennifer (J.J.) Wagner Davis
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Timothy Longo
Associate Vice President for Safety and Security and Chief of University Police