Online Requirements to Complete as a New or Returning Student

Vice President Robyn S. Hadley, Student Affairs

Dear New or Returning Student:

In a few short weeks, we will begin a new academic year. As part of your preparation, both new and returning students must complete one or more items related to community policies and standards.

First, a few important points:

  • If you go to your Student Center in the Student Information System (SIS), you will see the items you need to complete under your To Do List.
  • Requirements will vary by individual. Below are the items you may see in your To Do List. If you do not see any items, please see the explanation below.*

Final Deadline: August 31, 2022

Annual Student Update Form – Required of ALL Students

Please fully complete this form, which requests various types of information: your tax dependency status, criminal history disclosure, acknowledgment of financial responsibilities, communication details, emergency contact information, legacy contact for digital assets, and acknowledgment of University policies.

Completion time: 10 minutes.


This module helps clarify personal choices about drinking habits and attitudes. Alcohol-Wise is tailored for each user and provides access to University resources. Participants receive confidential, personalized feedback that compares personal alcohol use to University-wide student norms. UVA strives to create a community in which all students make legal, educated decisions about alcohol, while not jeopardizing their academic goals, their safety, or the safety of others.

Alcohol-Wise 21+ is a briefer version designed for graduate and professional students. The material may prove useful if you teach or mentor undergraduate students.

Even if you do not drink alcoholic beverages, both versions of this module will provide information to help you learn how to deal with others who are disruptive or in danger.

Completion time: 60 minutes for Alcohol-Wise; 15 minutes for Alcohol-Wise 21+.

Not on Our Grounds

This Sexual Violence Education module is designed to educate you on conduct prohibited by the University's Policy on Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment and Other Forms of Interpersonal Violence and inform you of ways in which we all can serve as active bystanders and community leaders in taking prompt action to prevent harassment and violence in our community. The program fulfills federal requirements for colleges and universities to provide training on these critical topics and supports the University's continued commitment to provide a safe and nondiscriminatory environment.

All students are required to complete the Not on Our Grounds module every two years. If you have not completed this module since fall 2020, you are required to complete it this year. 

This module includes three versions. You will be assigned the appropriate version:

  • Not on Our Grounds for undergraduates
  • Not on Our Grounds for student-athletes (includes NCAA required training)
  • Not on Our Grounds Plus for graduate and professional students

Completion time: 60 minutes.

Honor Module

The Honor module will help you understand the Honor System at UVA and what is expected of you in terms of academic and personal integrity in a community of trust. This module will appear in your SIS To Do List once you are registered for classes.

Completion time: 15 minutes.


Your responses to these requirements are completely confidential. Both versions of Alcohol-Wise are handled by a third party not affiliated with the University, as is the Not on Our Grounds module. I urge you to be candid in your survey answers so you may receive accurate feedback.

The Record: Learn about Important UVA Policies

The University publishes an online document, The Record, which summarizes policies and information pertaining to student and academic life. Each student is responsible for being familiar with these policies and abiding by them. The Record serves as the University’s student handbook.

Two versions are available: The Undergraduate Record and The Graduate Record. Please take some time to read through the version applicable to you, with particular attention to the University Regulations (academic and nonacademic) section. In addition to the policies, you will find a wealth of helpful information to consult periodically in your time as a student.  


If you encounter any questions as you work on the modules, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions website. If you do not find an answer in the FAQs, the ITS Help Desk can assist you.


As you work on each module, you may log in and out as needed. I hope you will take the time to proceed through each module with the care and attention required. The final deadline to complete each item is August 31, 2022. If you fail to do so, you will be blocked from registration for future classes. I respectfully ask that you make completion of these items a priority.

These requirements enable everyone to prepare for a successful new academic year. In the community of trust and self-governance that characterizes UVA, your individual commitment can help bring about positive change.

Thank you for your prompt attention to these requirements.


Robyn S. Hadley
Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer,
Dean of Students

* If you do not see any items in your SIS To Do List, then you have no requirements to complete, likely as a result of your student classification. The University still encourages you to be familiar with the topics covered through the above requirements. To do so, please review the following websites: