Invitation to Join Hoos Connected: You Belong (Transfers)

New Transfer Students
Alison Nagel, Hoos Connected Program Director

Hey Transfer Student!

Have you heard about Hoos Connected?

It's a class where you get course credit for getting to know other transfer students! Meet once a week with a small group to have interesting discussions and engage in activities that go beyond the surface level. The tone is casual, fun, and reflective. Groups are led by upperclass facilitators, so it's also a great way to meet some upper-class students.

And don't worry, this class won't add any stress to your workload! No homework or tests, just bring yourself each week and get course credit for expanding your social circle.

Groups meet on either Mondays at 5:30 p.m. or Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m.

Feel more settled in at UVA, learn about yourself, and learn from others who bring a different perspective. As one student said after finishing Hoos Connected last year:

Hoos Connected provided me with a solid group of people who I could come to every week and just talk. It helped me feel connected to the UVA community when everything else was uncertain.

Join today by enrolling in PSYC 1020 through SIS!

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